Emergency Arbitration

If an agency has entered into a contract with you and refuses to act according to the agreement, you have a right to arbitration in civil law and if an arbitration agreement was in your contract.

This arbitration happens VERY fast (within days). 

  1. Either party to the contract may ask for emergency arbitration.
  2. The party that asks for one must fill out a form asking for one.
  3. They must answer these questions:

    A. Nature of the relief sought and

    B. The reasons why such relief is required on an emergency basis.

    C. The application shall also set forth the reasons why the party is entitled to such relief.

  4. The claimant must send the same information to the respondent.
  5. The arbitrator will ALSO send a Notice of Demand for Emergency Arbitration to the respondent.
  6. This can be done by email.
  7. All parties to the agreement have 24 hours after receiving the email or mailed notice to contact the arbitrator to schedule a hearing.
  8. The arbitrator will then contact the parties of the time for an emergency ZOOM arbitration hearing.
  9. The claimant will get to speak first with their claims and what emergency decision they would like the arbitrator to make.
  10. The respondent then gets to speak to counter their claim with any facts showing why the arbitrator should not make that decision.
  11. Once the arbitrator believes they have enough information to make a decision, they will close the hearing and will write up a “reasoned” Award”. This award may or may not go your way.
  12. Payment for an emergency Arbitration must be paid in full by both parties to take part in the hearing.
  13. Nonpayment by the respondent of the emergency arbitration fee will not stop the arbitration hearing from commencing on schedule.
  14. All parties have 24 hours to contest the choice of arbitrator.
  15. Once the hearing begins, no party may contest the choice of the arbitrator.

1. Your address, phone number, and email address
2. (If you have one for the arbitration) Your representatives name, address, and phone number
3. The name of the Agency or the person you contracted with that has defaulted on your contract.
4. The address, phone number, and email address of the Agency or person you contracted with.

Our fee to do an EMERGENCY arbitration is $1,000










When you are done paying, you may fill out the form below.

It will automatically be sent also to any email address you put into the form including your own.

The more respondent email addresses you use in the form, the better.

Your Full Name ------ Tu nombre completo
Name of Agency or Person you contracted with. ------ Nombre de la agencia o persona con la que contrató.

Claim Information ------ Información de reclamación

Respondents Information (Agency or Person You Contracted With) ------ Información de los encuestados (agencia o persona con la que contrató)

Information About Respondents Representative (Attorney) ------ Información sobre el representante de los encuestados (abogado)

This can be the District Attorney's office. ------ Esta puede ser la oficina del fiscal de distrito.

CLAIMANTS INFORMATION (You Are The Claimant) ------ INFORMACIÓN DEL RECLAMANTE (Usted es el reclamante)

Claimants Representation (Attorney) if YOU have one. ------Representación de reclamantes (abogado) si tiene uno.


What EMERGENCY matters you would like to be arbitrated and ordered upon? Would you like the Agency to stop the hearings until arbitration is over? Would you like the Agency to withdraw the case? -------¿Qué asuntos de EMERGENCIA le gustaría ser arbitrados y ordenados? ¿Le gustaría que la Agencia detuviera las audiencias hasta que finalice el arbitraje? ¿Le gustaría que la Agencia retirara el caso?
Why is this an EMERGENCY that you would need it right away? If this matter is not taken care of, will it cause you or your family great harm? EXPLAIN how that would happen if you do not get this EMERGENCY award.-----¿Por qué es una EMERGENCIA que lo necesitaría de inmediato? Si no se resuelve este asunto, ¿le causará un gran daño a usted oa su familia? EXPLIQUE cómo sucedería eso si no obtiene este premio de EMERGENCIA.
Did the AGENCY or Person you contracted with default on the contract and therefore agreed to its terms? Did the AGENCY or Person not rebuttal your conditional contract and therefore agreed to it's terms? Did the AGENCY or person acquiesce to the stipulations and conditions in the contract because they did not do anything the contract stipulated? EXPLAIN Was it agreed to do what you request on your contract?-------¿La AGENCIA o Persona que contrató incumplió el contrato y, por lo tanto, aceptó sus términos? ¿La AGENCIA o la Persona no refutó su contrato condicional y, por lo tanto, aceptó sus términos? ¿La AGENCIA o la persona aceptó las estipulaciones y condiciones del contrato porque no hizo nada de lo estipulado en el contrato? EXPLIQUE ¿Se acordó hacer lo que solicita en su contrato?
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 4 files.
Turn your notarized contract into a PDF format and upload it here.


Attention: By presenting this application, it is agreed by all parties that ONLINE CONTRACT ARBITRATION shall be the sole arbitrating organization assigned to this matter. That the parties have agreed to ONLINE CONTRACT ARBITRATION rendering an impartial decision based on the terms of the contract and the evidence presented at the time of arbitration. The parties agree to forever hold harmless ONLINE CONTRACT ARBITRATION and any of its arbitrators and/or associated organizations, and it is also agreed that the decision made by ONLINE CONTRACT ARBITRATION and/or its arbitrator shall be final and binding upon all parties, consistent with the policies, procedures and terms associated with ONLINE CONTRACT ARBITRATION--------Atención: Al presentar esta solicitud, todas las partes acuerdan que CONTRATAR ONLINE ARBITRAJE será la única organización arbitral asignada a este asunto. Ese las partes han acordado un ARBITRAJE POR CONTRATO EN LÍNEA otorgando un decisión basada en los términos del contrato y la evidencia presentada en el momento de arbitraje. Las partes acuerdan mantener indemne para siempre el CONTRATO EN LÍNEA ARBITRAJE y cualquiera de sus árbitros y / u organizaciones asociadas, y también es acordó que la decisión tomada por ARBITRAJE DE CONTRATO ONLINE y / o su El árbitro será definitivo y vinculante para todas las partes, de conformidad con las políticas, procedimientos y términos asociados con ARBITRAJE DE CONTRATO EN LÍNEA
By submitting this form and uploading your application, YOU are agreeing to obey the O.C.A Rules of Arbitration. ------ Al enviar este formulario y cargar su solicitud, USTED acepta obedecer las Reglas de arbitraje de O.C.A.
Type Your Full name ------ Escriba su nombre completo