Information That Both Parties Need To Know

Our arbitration is done in a certain manner that makes it simple and at a lower cost.

  1. The first step is for the parent to file an Arbitration Demand and agree to the process and the rules.
  2. The claimant will then be instructed to upload information about their contract and documents.
  3. Next, we send out an invitation to the respondent to join the arbitration.

If the Respondent Does NOT Show For Arbitration

  1. If they don’t join within 10 days of their receiving that notice, then they default and the decision is usually made in the parents’ favor automatically.

If The Respondent DOES Show Up For Arbitration

  1. Once the respondent has joined and agreed to the process and the rules, they will get to view copy of the contract, claim, and the parents written opening statements inside a member’s forum (court).
  2. The parent can then create a written opening statement. Writing it out gives both parties time to think about what they want to say.
  3. The respondent now gets to make a written opening statement also. Writing it out gives both parties time to think about what they want to say. They will need to upload it to the member’s area.
  4. The arbitrator will upload questions to both parties.
  5. Both parties will then upload their written answers back to the arbitrator.
  6. If the arbitrator has more questions, he will do it again. Both parties will get to see the questions and the answers.
  7. When the arbitrator has no more questions, they will request both parties to send any closing convincing arguments.
  8. The arbitrator will then make a decision and send both parties a copy of the award.