Our Fees









For each arbitration claim and counterclaim, OCA charges a filing fee of $700 for a typical two-party case by the person initiating the claim. For each additional party, an additional $250 fee will be due. Filing fees are non-refundable.

That would mean: 

1 Claimant + 1 respondent = F$700 filing fee

plus 3 more respondents at $250 each = F$750

That is a total of $1,450 to file your arbitration claim if there are 5 parties to the case.

On Top Of That Is Your Arbitrator Fees

Arbitrator compensation is a flat fee of A$750 for a typical two-party case and an extra $150 per respondent.

That would mean your arbitrator fee would be:

1 Claimant + 1 respondent = A$750 arbitration fee

plus 3 more respondents at $150 each = A$450

That is a total of $1,200 that the arbitrator will charge you.

What A Grand Total Would Look Like

F = Filing fee

A = Arbitration fee

An arbitration with only 2 parties (You and 1 respondent) will be a sum total of  F$700 + A$750 = $1,450

An arbitration with 5 parties (You and 4 respondents) will be a sum total of F$700 + F$750 + A$750 + A$450 = $2,650


We find that MANY families are living from paycheck to paycheck and cannot pay the high price of arbitration. This means that they are missing out on a legal recourse simply because they do not have the funds to pay for the arbitration.

We have a simple solution.

The moving party (the claimant) can sign a contract with us to temporarily defer the filing fee and arbitration fee until there is an award in their favor. IF there is a monetary award, the respondent will have to pay BOTH of those fees out of that award before they pay you.

What happens if you do not have a contract that can be enforced or confirmed in a District court and does not win a monetary award?

Then you can make small monthly payments to Online Contract Arbitration.

What does the State or Agency have to pay?

They cannot defer their fee payments. The state or Agency has to pay $700 if they want to file a counterclaim.