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How does the process work?

If you have a binding contract or a binding conditional contract (such as with Children's Protective Services - CPS), then this arbitration will work for you.

If your contract requires arbitration as a means for settling any dispute regarding the contract and the terms of the contract this is your next step.

Use arbitration if you have already gone through the process of serving your contracts out to the party's involved and they have defaulted on that contract or have breached the contract.

If you do not have a contract yet, a great place for one one for Children's Protective Services (CPS) and explanation of it can be had at


Step 1 CLICK HERE to Apply for arbitration

Our usual application fee is $700 to apply for arbitration for you and one respondent. An extra fee of $250 per any other respondents.

Step 2 CLICK HERE to Pay for arbitration (No Refunds)

Our usual fee for the arbitrator's services is $750 to arbitrate your claim for you and one respondent. Plus An extra fee of $150 per any other respondent on the contract.

CLICK HERE to see our official fee schedule.

You might say, "But I can't afford that!

No problem, we have you covered there too. CLICK HERE  to fill out a form that shows that you cannot afford to pay the fee. We will defer the payment until the end of the arbitration. If there is an award in your favor, it will be ordered that your fee will be paid by the respondent(s) first before they pay you. That way we both get paid. If there is no award in your favor at the end of the arbitration, you are agreeing that you will pay the fee in monthly payments.

When you are done doing that, come back here and continue on.

Step 3 - Gather your

  • Contract,
  • Certificate of Default,
  • and your Certificate of Non-response and Judgment,

get them turned into a PDF format and upload them.

But first, you must turn them into a PDF document. Some find that the easiest way is to take the papers to a photocopy store and have them scan them and turn them into a PDF document. You will need a thumb drive to save them on to.

CLICK HERE to upload your contract

What Happens Next?

YOU will then need to send out a "Stay of Court" to the Juvenile Court Clerk telling them to stop all proceedings until this arbitration is over and a decision has been made. Don't have one? We also saw those over at 

WE will also send out a Notice of Arbitration to the defaulting party for them to answer your claim. They will get a copy of your arbitration claim against them with that notice. They will have a chance to write their rebuttal to your claim.

The arbitrator will have questions for both sides of the arbitration.

An arbitrator will review the documents and write up a decision based on all the facts and send that out to all the parties to the arbitration.

This will all be done via email. This is so it can be arbitrated anywhere in the US without time constraints.

You will not get to talk to the arbitrator personally. That would not be fair to them would be biased possibly.

The administrator might talk to you to help guide you through the process.