Respondent – CPS

Steps To Begin Respondents Arbitration

  1. All arbitration at Online Contract Arbitration is done as “desk arbitration” with documentation only.

  2. IF YOU HAVE A COUNTERCLAIM, Go to and pay the application fee and the administration fee 

  3. If you have no counterclaim, the arbitration can begin.

  4. to join the arbitration forum.
  5. The administrator will create a membership for you to be used online in a private arbitration forum. You will then be emailed your login instructions.

  6. Feel free to look around the forum. You will be checking in daily to see any updates and instructions.

  7. The claimant’s claim and contract will already be loaded up.

  8. As soon as you have established your participation, the claimant can upload their opening statement.

  9. Prepare and upload your written response (Opening Statement) to their claim against you in PDF format stating your reply and defenses and any documents supporting your position.

  10. The arbitrator will take some time to look both claimants and respondent’s documents over and will then have some questions for both parties to answer.

  11. The questions and their answers will be posted in the forum.

  12. The next step will for all parties to review the answers to those questions.

  13. When the arbitrator is ready, If either party has witnesses to support their claim or defenses, they may attach them in an email to as an affidavit in PDF format. You will have an opportunity to cross-examine with written questions.

  14. The arbitrator will have more questions. They and the answers will be posted in the forum.

  15. All parties may submit closing arguments or call more witnesses.

  16. The arbitrator will end the arbitration and issue an Award according to the facts of the case.